All about us

The business was originally founded in the 1890’s by a Robert Biles who was a builder and undertaker. When he died, soon after the First World War, his son William took over. 

During this time a young Victor Cossey joined the firm straight from school at the tender age of 14. Then, when William eventually retired in 1960, Victor was able to acquire the business from him.

“Cossey’s also have a sister funeral home on Exchange Square in Beccles that was started in 2005, also offering much to their local community.”

Victor continued until his retirement in 1990. It was then sold on to Anglia Funeral Service, a small group of family Funeral Directors in Norfolk

Cossey’s is located on Chaucer Street, just off the main street in Bungay. The premises has recently undergone refurbishment which has produced a comfortable welcome for the clients.

“Cossey’s offers a book and puzzle swap service for the local community to enjoy as well as various events during the year to raise money for Mencap.”

The Cossey building is located at the junction of the main eastern and southern entry roads into Beccles. The roads, called Blyburgate and Hungate, meet another road originally known as Sheepgate. In the early 1900s, the road became Exchange Square and remains the same to this day.

The buildings, unusually, belonged to only two families for the whole of the 19th century. The exact date of the building is difficult to determine, but it appears to date from the first half of the 19th century, possibly 1820 or 1830. Records tell us that it was already in its present form by 1862.

In 1906, it was bought and developed as a five bedroom dwelling with three sitting rooms and having three occupants. Around 1927, the ground floor became a shop, and from that date to 1938 it traded as WE Turner Boot Maker.

From 1948 to 1974, T Gore & Son occupied it as a jeweller, but by the 1990’s it became Suffolk House Florist. In 1999, it was a charted accountant but they were only here for a short time.

In 2005 Cossey Funeral Service acquired the premises and officially opened on Friday 25th November 2005.

“Cossey Funeral Service has been a part of the Bungay community since the 1890’s.”